Why Not Sailing Team- A Year Full of Excitement!

Being at the end of the year 2022, we want to remember the beautiful moments and challenges of the Sailing Team we sponsor #WhyNot with their boat named after our company, #Caim2.

2022 has been an intense and exciting year for the team that participated in six national and international events.

The season opened in February, began with training to find the right setting in view of the first stage in Punta Ala, Italy, in April. The boat and the team, at the moment, weren’t perfectly ready yet; therefore the much-desired results didn’t arrive. The classification results were clear: eighth in the category and twenty-eighth overall.

Despite the result, the race allowed comparisons with the other teams and the refinement of the boat setting.

Improvements were seen immediately after the first race. Still, they did not remain constant and the second stage of the Ranking circuit, organised in Alassio in May, concluded by bringing home another result in line with the previous stage.

With the third stage organised in Rimini in June, they finally managed to demonstrate what had already emerged in the previous season, finishing in twelfth place overall and climbing on the third step of the podium in the Corinthian category.

The fourth and last stage of the national ranking circuit, organised by Fraglia Vela Riva Del Garda in July, marked the end of the summer championship. This international-tinged stage, with 72 crews competing from all over the world, including America and Australia, was valid for the assignment of the Italian title (Italian Championship J70). WhyNot Sailing team – CAIM finished in twenty-first place overall and third in the Corinthian classification (non-professionals). Furthermore, the team managed to take the bronze medal in the Italian Championship classification and finish in third place in the 2022 Ranking List: three awards, all in the same event!

After the summer break, it was time to get ready for the big challenge in October, the J70 World Championship, and what better way to do it than to participate in the Millevele Championship?

Winning the famous Genoa regatta, organised in conjunction with the boat show in September, gave the team good morale for the world championship!

Finally, the long-awaited last season stage took place- we are talking about the J70 World Championship in Monegasque waters. Ready to race, 90 crews from 23 nations, with Italy represented by eight units, one of these our CAIM2 – WhyNotSailing team. Beautiful experience, unfortunately, characterised by unfavourable weather conditions for sailing- out of 5 days of competition, only the last one was regattated. A result that ends in forty-fifth place overall and sixteenth in their category: knowing that they are among the top sixteen strongest crews in the world is undoubtedly great!

The season that ended two months ago has been incredible, and even if the results weren’t the best, they managed to win some medals!

Now this season is over, but they’re always ready to start over: they are resting for some months, because February 2023 is already upon them!

Next year will again be full of events and surprises that will take all of us to beautiful Italian locations, including the novelty of the Corinthian World Championship.

We are always there supporting the team and cheering for them, now, till the next season #StayTuned… Go #WhyNot Sailing Team!


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