Empowering your fleet to navigate efficiently and safely.

Caim Group is a union of companies that operate within the maritime industry to provide high-quality products and services.

From navigation tools to maritime technology, from firefighting services to safety equipment, from certified signs to decorative and protective films, Caim Group is your reliable partner. Here at Caim Group, we align maritime solutions with values that stand at the heart of all operations. We put customers at the core of the strategy by offering prompt tailored support 24/7 to help when needed (for the companies CAIM and Generalmarine). With worldwide offices, Caim Group can cater to customers from different locations.


Caim Group serves the maritime industry in all aspects.

  • 01
    Navigation charts and publications, development of navigation, and fleet management software.
  • 02
    Firefighting, safety equipment, and LSA products and services.
  • 03
    Certified marine shades, solar films, and decorative coatings.
  • 04
    Production of marine signs, low location lights, and customizable signage.
  • 05
    Navigation and Communication systems for the maritime sector. Installation and supply of marine electronics for commercial and leisure markets.

Caim Group can manage all maritime necessities worldwide, offering customized products and services.

  • Charts & Publications
    We are International Admiralty Chart Agents since 1957. We are official distributors for the UK Hydrographic Office and resellers of all the major e-chart producers.
  • ECDIS & Navigation Software
    We provide our in-house ECDIS900 and NaviGate, a tool to manage and display most of the required navigational data for a safe and compliant navigation.
  • Marine Safety Equipment
    We offer product packages and turnkey solutions for your life-saving appliance requirements.
  • Firefighting & Safety
    We provide products and services in the sphere of safety and firefighting.
  • Sign Maker
    We deliver and install marine signs designed and produced in-house together with customizable signage in any material required and with IMO MED certification.
  • Protective & Decorative Films
    We supply and install shades, self-adhesive solar films, and decorative coatings for protection and decoration of maritime and terrestrial environments.
  • Marine Electronics
    We are leaders in designing, supplying, and installing high-performance marine electronics technology for pleasure crafts, commercial yachts, and superyachts.
  • NAVCOM's Connectivity, Service & Maintenance
    We offer maintenance services that include repairs, troubleshooting, remote monitoring, diagnostic, and replacement of faulty parts.
What they
say about us

Till now NaviGate, as a tool to aid navigation and electronic charts in the PAYS version, has worked well. All permits received on NaviGate are well-installed and functioning. Furthermore, all corrections through NaviGate for charts and publications are correct and uploaded on time. We are satisfied with the implemented system.

Master MSC Laura

The PAYS system of digital charts is functioning well, and, in our opinion, it is valid. The NaviGate software works perfectly, and it is easy to use once becoming more familiar with it. E-NP and ADP work well too.

Master MSC Eloane

We are really satisfied, and it is fantastic having electronic charts with the PAYS system on NaviGate.

Master MSC Asia

Firstly, the planning station with PAYS software has all functions, e-NP and ADP included, and those have been perfectly reliable. Secondly, this change will positively influence and will contribute to better officers’ productivity, as it will generate more time to dedicate to other important matters. Lastly, it will reduce research time for regulations of PSC/GL/Flag State, whilst easing officers’ jobs.

Master MSC Tomoko

The PAYS system is excellent, especially with the NaviGate program, as officers can have real-time updates effortlessly. We are delighted with this intuitive system and news on ECDIS and e-NP.

Master MSC Leanne

According to our experience, the support instruments and software are functioning well. NaviGate, and ADMIRALTY digital publications are handy and easy to use. Less time to obtain information is required, and we are always sure that all updates are done correctly, as it’s a system operation.

Master MSC Rachele

Personally, I am delighted because, at the moment, both systems are functioning excellently. My opinion is that all nautical charts are essential, especially on narrow passages, on rivers and in canals. We appreciate Caim’s effort to improve navigation support instruments.

Master MSC Ivana

Please note that NaviGate system and electronic charts with the PAYS system are efficient and help to create a positive work environment.

Master MSC Rossella

The entire bridge, myself included, fully supports the complete transfer to ECIDS and digital publications. All this will save significant time and money because the system can be easily updated, and new charts and publications can be quickly provided, without waiting for a convenient port for this service. The NaviGate program is something we all need, as all necessary information for voyage planning is in one place. We will continue to substitute completely paper charts and publications with digital solutions.

Master MSC Leigh

It’s a marvellous idea. The PAYS version of NaviGate software functions excellently. Our experience with NaviGate system is outstanding. ADP and e-NP digital publications are perfect. All this will simplify and accelerate future jobs without consuming in vain big paper quantities. Save paper, save trees, save space, save money.

Master MSC Capella

I would like to write about my positive experience with most of this program’s aspects. Enormous improvements have been made compared to the previous version. I find it trustable and easy to use for all updates (charts, publications, weekly alerts etc.). Functionalities like forecast levels, Nav-Area and Total Tide work well. The AVCS PAYS is functioning well when correctly used, making the whole process much easier for all parts.

Master MSC Daniela

All navigation support instruments, like NaviGate and electronic charts in the PAYS version, are perfectly functioning. All functionalities and characteristics of NaviGate program perform well, without any problem providing us with reliable information, quickly and easily. The Pay As You Go (PAYS) license is available at any moment, without losing additional time to order and receive the requested functions. Digital publications are easy to use, and we support your intention and effort to provide a complete ECIDS system.

Master MSC Gaia

NaviGate is a great software, and the Pay As You Sail system is perfect. We are delighted with this system, and it functions perfectly. Corrections and weekly updates can be downloaded from the Internet at any moment. Although, we think that the time in which paper charts/publications would not be necessary anymore would depend on the companies’ decisions.

Master MSC Kalina

Regarding on NaviGate system that has been implemented onboard vessels, my opinion is that it increases vessel SAFETY navigation, as it facilitates the updates on ECDIS, whilst verifying that the chart system is consequently updated. An extra advantage is that you can find the last available software update one week before the actual update is in place. Generally, we found this system reliable and easy to use.

Master MSC Susanna

NaviGate program is simple and easy to use. The usage of solely electronic charts will make our life easier. As backup on any computer is possible, it won’t be any opportunity for a system failure as all computers are connected through the cloud.

Master MSC Francesca

NaviGate is a handy tool. In a few simple steps, we can download any update. The PAYS service offers us a simple way to obtain all the permits for electronic charts that we need. NaviGate, together with digital publications and e-Nautical publications, simplify navigation.

Master MSC Desiree

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